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Is PURE WATER something for you?

You probably ended up on our website because you’re interested in purified water. But you might be wondering… is PURE WATER something for me? Today, we’ll explore why our purified water solution could be the best for you. PURE WATER is for you if… … you work at an office, hotel, restaurant, or cafe First...


Last week, we looked into the design of our PURE BOTTLES. Today, we’ll take you on a design journey to learn more about our PURE POINTS. For most people, the PURE POINTS are where it all starts. No matter if you’re in an office building, restaurant or hotel: a PURE POINT is the place where your...


PURE WATER has been around for over twenty years. We’ve always done what we are good at: serving high-quality water in a sustainable way. However, we’re not standing still. We continuously evolve  ourselves so we not only become greener than we already are, but we also make sure that the design of our products remains...

How Norway deals with plastic waste

We at PURE WATER are passionate about finding ways to reduce plastic, but we know that avoiding plastic altogether is extremely hard. However, our headquarters are based in Norway: a country where almost 40%of all plastic in Norway is being recycled. How does the country do that? Household waste In Norway, recycling starts at home....


Today we’re diving into all things water. We’ve selected lots of interesting facts about water for you and answer questions about how much water we drink in our lives (it’s a lot!), how much water we have in our bodies (it’s a lot too!) and much more.   60 to 70% of our body is...

General Data Protection Regulation Notification from PURE WATER

PURE WATER changes operation routines to comply with GDPR enforced from May 25th, 2018
Dear Madam/Sir, We at PURE WATER are reaching out to you to ensure you that we from end of April 2018 have adjusted our operating routines to be in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation enforced from 25thMay 2018 by EU. The regulation commands one set of data protection rules for all companies operating...

PURE DINING: How PURE goes into restaurants and hotels

PURE DINING: How PURE goes into restaurants and hotels
Meet Davide Rocchi, brand account manager for PURE WATER in London! He is responsible for clients in the restaurant and hotel industry, and works with both new and existing PURE clients. Today, we talk with him about how PURE WATER gets into restaurants and hotels. Davide(left) with Marco Cristaldi, Area Manager for Malcom John group.  PURE...

7 Ways to reduce your plastic use, now.

7 Ways to reduce your plastic use, now.
  Plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic wrapping, plastic toothbrushes, plastic straws… There’s plastic everywhere. Today, we at PURE WATER encourage your to reduce your plastic use. Get started now! Bring your own shopping bag. This is a quick win. Get yourself a couple of nice, canvas tote bags and you’re all set. From now...

How PURE WATER gets into the office

How PURE WATER gets into the office
Today we sit down with Frode, technician at PURE WATER, and Adrian, Brand Account Manager, to talk about how they install the PURE WATER system in new and existing buildings.

We create less, so you get more

We create less, so you get more.
We at PURE WATER strive for simplicity in all we do because we believe that simplification leads to a higher quality of life. Simplicity is in everything we do, but most of all, it’s in our water and the clear difference we, together with our clients, expect it to make on the planet.