FTI Consulting

When FTI Consulting were fitting out their new London headquarters, they chose PURE WATER systems to ensure the continuous supply of hot and cold purified drinking water for their staff and visitors alike, using both PURE Touch Taps and a Niagara bottling tap.

As a global business advisory firm with the slogan. “Critical thinking at the critical time”, FTI Consulting have the highest standards. The quality of their drinking water was one more area where they weren’t prepared to compromise. Now with PURE water on tap they’re avoiding the financial and environmental costs of bought-in supplies.

January 2014
“We’d used PURE WATER before and knew they could deliver, so when the Touch Tap became available with all four water options, hot, chilled, ambient and sparkling, we knew it was the right choice for us. None of the other suppliers could supply the four water types from just one tap. PURE Water were also highly recommended by our catering provider, BaxterStorey. Now we can use the Touch Tap to deliver everything we need for hot and cold drinks.”Mark Eyles, Facilities Manager
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