Water purifier systems for Office & Horeca

We create less, so that you get more
with our water purifier technology

Enjoy the benefits of PURE WATER

When you choose our water purifier system, you immediately start benefiting. 

You get access to a dual-filtration, recyclable water filter that provides you with high-quality drinking water, you contribute to a healthier planet, you start saving money, and you get easy access to the health benefits of having quality water at hand.

0.2 micron and 100% recyclable water filter
High quality
drinking water
An eco-friendly and sustainable choice
Fixed monthly cost with free installation and service
Easy access to hydration that benefits your health

PURE Products

One installation for multiple PUREpoints
Undercounter solution for 1 PUREpoint
Custom-built 0.2 micron dual filtration
Water dispensers come in different designs and colours to match your interior
Bottles and glasses designed to complete your experience

PURE WATER solutions

Purified water solutions for office and dining

Purified and bottled at source, PURE WATER reduces the environmental impact of plastics and CO2 emissions caused by transported water. We have water purifier solutions for offices and horeca. The PURE WATER solutions are available for large and smaller offices, as well as hotels, restaurants and cafes.

PURElink is a water filter solution, uniquely designed for office buildings, hotels and larger restaurants.  PURElink comes with a  centrally located water purification and cooling unit and multiple PUREpoints at your location, making filtered water available for all employees, guest and clients.

PUREone is the compact water cooler system developed to fit into your under counter space that comes with a beautifully designed PUREpoint (available in 5 different colours). PUREone fits in every kitchen.

Different water purifier systems to suit your needs

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