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Founded in 1997, PURE WATER provides the highest quality purified drinking water directly from your mains supply. With our water purification solution, your employees, guests and customers have direct access to purified still and sparkling water, as well as instant hot water.

Purified and bottled at the source, PURE WATER reduces the environmental impact of plastics and CO2 emissions caused by transported water.

Operating in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom, we service a range of clients from start-ups to global businesses. Whether you need a single dispense point or a complete building network, we are perfectly positioned to provide you with the optimum solution.

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Our core values


Necessary things, done better whilst supporting the planet.


Our goal is to provide you with the best water, straight from the nearest source. Instead of using damaging transported bottles, we purify water from this source and secure the highest quality with our PUREfilter.

Regular independent testing ensures that every PURE WATER serve is of the highest quality, benchmarked against transported water, to show our commitment to exceeding your quality expectations.

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The PURE process is a step towards a sustainable future, but it’s the first step of many. Our approach is transparent like our water.


For us, PURE living is about two things. First of all, it’s about having as little impact on the environment as possible by installing our PURE WATER installations at office buildings, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Together with our clients, we actively step away from transported water.

Secondly, PURE living is about challenging ourselves to become even greener than we already are, in everything we do. From the products we create to our internal processes and innovation: we commit to choosing the most sustainable option. We see this as an exciting journey and every day is about taking new steps down our green path, towards our common PURE FUTURE.

We’re not there yet, but we’re doing everything we can to get there, and will show you our progress

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We can provide superior, greener solutions and invite you to realise the future we imagine to reap the benefits of committing a PURE FUTURE.


PURE is not just about high-quality water and a minimal ecological footprint, but we also care about the financial side. If you compare our water to transported water bottles, you’ll already start saving after your seventh glass of daily water. In addition, the coffee, soda and juice consumption of your employees and guests go down if you make PURE WATER available at the office, restaurant or hotel. That’s why more and more companies choose PURE WATER over transported water.

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We prioritise health as a state of being. Healthy lifestyles create happy, productive, creative environments.


More than two-thirds of the human body is comprised of water, a major component of cells, and the medium for the transport of nutrients and waste throughout the body. Not surprisingly, we need access to clean water to achieve optimal health.

The health benefits of drinking water are extensive and include positive effects on skin, digestion, and energy. By choosing water over coffee and soda, you choose a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyles create happy, productive, creative environments, and we’re so excited to contribute to this by focusing on a PURE FUTURE.

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