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PUREoffice provides purified drinking water, seamlessly integrated within your building. Instant chilled still, sparkling and hot water are all served from a single PUREpoint.

Servicing of your system takes place from one location, minimising the disruption to the working environment.

Eliminating transported water from your office delivers immediate cost savings on bulky bottles and logistics. Also, offering high-quality purified drinking water increases consumption, benefitting the health of your employees, and their mental and physical performance.

How does it work

We can install in any type of office building.
From single installations with PUREone in small offices to large PURElink installations integrated in your office building with infinite PUREpoints.


We install the water purification system in both new and existing office buildings. Service and maintenance is always included when you choose PURE WATER. This includes installing new filters, as well as running water quality tests. 

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We offer tailored solutions for offices.


PUREserve is designed to enhance every PURE WATER experience by delivering the perfect serve to your clients, guests and employees.

Our PUREclassic bottles have been serving our consumers for over 20 years. It is an elegant example of sustainability served with pride.

The PUREdine bottles are specifically designed for the hospitality industry to suit different needs; from conference rooms to restaurants and cafes.

Looking for a PURE WATER solution for HORECA instead?

Check out PUREdining.

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