Margaux and Bandol / London

Margaux in London serving PURE WATER from their PUREpoint

margaux and Bandol are two of London’s finest spots for the best French wines and incredible French/European cuisine. They serve PURE WATER in both their establishments, and we’re so proud to be part of their beautiful menu.

margaux was the first restaurant of the family. The extensive wine list, combined with classic French and European cuisine, are the keys to their success. The food is made from freshly sourced ingredients, there’s always a variety of wines available to pair your lunch or dinner, and the staff is highly knowledgeable. 

Bandol was the second addition, and focuses on the flavours of the south of France. Carefully-selected wines from the region are combined with Nicoise and Provencale sharing dishes for a unique experience in London’s South Kensington area. 


Sylvia Kontek, owner of margaux and Bandol is a happy PURE WATER customer. She explains: “The water tastes great and we’re doing something good for the environment.”

Both restaurants have the PUREslim graphite installed right at the entrance, so all guests immediately see the elegantly designed water installation when they arrive. “The PUREpoint melts beautifully into our interior,” says Sylvia. In addition to the PUREpoints, the restaurants also use the water bottles and glasses from our PUREserve collection of reusable water bottles and glasses.

 “Part of me was worried that our guests would demand bottled water, but we trained our staff well to explain all the benefits of purified water, such as the quality and taste, and the fact that it’s better for the environment. We haven’t had a single person requesting bottled water, and we’re so happy we took the step.”

More information

margaux website

Bandol website

PUREpoint: PUREslim Tower Graphite

PUREserve: PUREelegance water bottles & PUREglass.

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