REST restaurant sits in a quiet backyard behind Kirkegate in the centre of Oslo. Although the restaurant has only been open for a couple of months, they have gotten a lot of publicity because of their unique focus on sustainable dining. On a snowy March day, we sit down at the restaurant together with Head Chef, Jimmy Øien to talk about water and food waste.

“We have too much food waste and it’s time to do something about it”, the 26 year-old Jimmy says.

Rest’s philosophy is to use food waste. Jimmy explains: “No part of food is not good enough for us to eat. We use vegetables that are not pretty enough to be sold, as well as the parts of meat and fish that nobody uses, and turn them into beautiful, delicious fine dining dishes.” PURE WATER is part of the menu, so all their guests can choose between chilled still and sparkling water.

“I have known PURE WATER for a long time. All the restaurants that I have worked for use PURE WATER as their water solution. The water quality is very good and you can actually taste the quality when you drink it. I especially like the sparkling water. The bubble level is exactly the way I like it and it’s much better than any other sparkling water.”

“It’s also a practical solution : the system sits in a small counter in the corner and we tap PURE WATER right before we serve it. We have an unlimited supply of chilled still and sparkling water so we don’t need to order water nor get an extra fridge for keeping the water cool.”

“Serving high-quality PURE WATER that’s filtered right on the site meets our concept of sustainability here at Rest. I saw it as the only right option when setting up the restaurant and I’m very happy with it.”

We love Rest and we’re proud that they serve PURE WATER to their guests. PURE WATER has more happy customers like REST.

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