PURE DINING: How PURE goes into restaurants and hotels

Meet Davide Rocchi, brand account manager for PURE WATER in London! He is responsible for clients in the restaurant and hotel industry, and works with both new and existing PURE clients. Today, we talk with him about how PURE WATER gets into restaurants and hotels.

Davide(left) with Marco Cristaldi, Area Manager for Malcom John group.  PURE Water will be served in the second restaurant of Le Vacherin group.

“Every day I talk to restaurants, hotels, wedding venues and conference centers about the benefits of PURE WATER”, says Davide. “We talk about the financial benefits, but also about how important it is for the environment to stop using plastic, transported water bottles. My clients are always excited about how much time and space they save when they start using PURE WATER. They never have to order water bottles anymore and they don’t need any storage space.”

Installing PURE WATER

Installing the PURE WATER system for restaurants and hotels is not the same as the approach we use for office buildings. Davide explains: “Restaurants and hotels usually have one or two of our dispense points. These include a small machine under the bar counter, and a tap on top.”

Because this system is a lot smaller than the PURElink system, the team needs less time for the installation. “From the moment a restaurant or hotel decides to serve PURE WATER, it takes between two and six weeks to get everything sorted”, says Davide.

Free training

After installing PURE WATER, the staff gets free training. “We supply them with information about the difference between filtered water and bottled mineral water, so they can proudly serve PURE WATER to their guests,” explains Davide. “We offer the training sessions every six months because the employee turnover in the hospitality industry is quite high.”


Currently, we serve PURE WATER at great locations in the UK and the Nordics, such as the Michelin star restaurant The Hand and Flowers in Marlow, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Nord in Oslo, modern burger restaurant BOBO Social, Millennium and Copthorne Hotels, The Kitty Hawk (they only restaurant in the UK with a PURElink), Yolk Restaurant in Copenhagen, and restaurant/brewery Nedre Foss Gård in Oslo. Are you excited about learning more about having a PURE WATER installation? Get in touch!

BOBO Social in SOHO, London

Antidote bar and restaurant in SOHO, London.

Pentillie Castle, a luxurious B&B in Cornwall

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