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PURE WATER raises the standard for purified water again

This summer, we launched our new PUREfilter range: three different types of water filters to suit all our customers’ needs. Since then, we have successfully installed new filters in the offices, restaurants, cafes and conference rooms of our clients, and we have – again – raised the standard for water purification systems across Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Let’s learn more about why these new water filters are so special.

3 Things we love about the new PUREfilter water filters

1. Highest standard water filter available

The newest PUREfilter has a so-called “dual filtration system”, meaning the water filtration system has two different steps. First, the water goes through a 0.2-micron membrane and then through an advanced carbon matrix block.

The 0.2-micron membrane filters out a large amount of microplastics, viruses and bacteria, and the carbon insert removes asbestos, heavy metals (such as copper, iron, lead and aluminium) chlorine and sediments. These two steps of the filtration process give you purified water with an incredible taste. 

2. 100% recyclable water filter

Our PURE LIVING personality helps us challenge ourselves: through all our new product development we have to become even greener than we are and help our customers embrace a greener lifestyle. Making the new PUREfilter range 100% recyclable felt therefore like the only right thing to do.

How does this work, you wonder? 

When the time has come to replace your water filter, we remove the insert and replace this with a new one. The used filters will be returned to our facilities where the PUREfilters are produced. Here, the filters will be taken apart and the different parts will be separated before being recycled. 

3. Three different, custom-built water filters

We’ve been in the water purification business for over 20 years and we know our customers have different needs. That’s why we’ve developed different styles and colours of our PUREpoint water dispensers, and a range of PUREfilters to match the various water qualities we meet at our installation locations. 

The custom-built water filters come in three different variations: 

  1. PUREfilter – The standard PUREfilter with 0.2-micron mechanical filter and an advanced carbon matrix block for the finest dual filtration. 
  2. PUREfilter polyp – This filter does the same as the PUREfilter, but also reduces the scale.This filter is excellent for use in areas with hard water.
  3. PUREfilter ion – Combined with the PUREfilter, this ion removal filter removes the scale completely and is installed in combination with our boilers for serving hot water. The scale-free PURE WATER installation is here to deliver sustainable long living installations in areas with hard water.   

Would you like to learn more about our PUREfilter? Get in touch with us today!

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