4 Things to do for happy and healthy employees

Drink water for a healthy team at the office

If you are running your business from an office with a team, this article is for you. We dive into research on how to create the best office environment for happy, healthy employees. From stimulating exercise to finding the right plants for your space: here are the 4 things you can do for happy and healthy employees. 

Stimulate exercise and mindfulness

Movement is not only a great way to stay healthy and fit, research also shows that exercise helps with lowering stress levels. If you’re a large organisation you can have exercise and mindfulness programs, such as crossfit, yoga, strength training or spinning classes at your office building. If you’re a smaller organisation, you can organise discounts with local gyms or go for a run with the team once or twice a week.

Encourage water consumption

Water is magic: it keeps you hydrated, boosts energy levels and lowers stress levels, and drinking water at the office is one of the easiest ways to keep your team healthy. Instead of having transported, bottled water at the office, purified water is a much cheaper and environmentally friendly solution. Also, our clients that serve water that’s been purified with our PUREfilter have seen a 30% reduction in coffee and soft drink consumption. 

Our PUREpoint water dispensers come in different sizes and colours, so there’s always one to match your interior. Our PUREoffice team is happy to help you find the right solution for your office.  

Provide a good office environment

Make sure the air quality at your office is good, provide desks that can be adjusted in height, make sure your office chairs are in the right position for every team member, and encourage standing during meetings instead of sitting down. 

Investing in a couple of big, green plants not only make the air quality better, but they also create a warm, welcoming space in which employees will feel happier and healthier. Finally, encourage your employees to keep their desks tidy and clean, so germs don’t get a chance.

Encourage breaks

Did you know taking breaks actually increases the productivity of your team? Make sure you take small breaks during the day to look away from your computer screen or stretch your legs. Don’t eat lunch at your desk, but instead try a lunch walk or a team lunch in the cantina to talk about non-work related things or play a game. These are great ways to get to know your colleagues better and to stay inspired to work. 

Are you ready to start improving your office environment for healthy colleagues? Be sure to talk to our PUREoffice team to learn more about high quality, filtered water for your office. You can contact them here.

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