5 Frequently asked questions about PURE WATER

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In this article we answer five of the questions we often get about our water filters, PUREpoints and water costs, including “why should I actually filter water” and “how can I make a profit serving your water”. Come and read on about the 5 frequently asked questions about PURE WATER.

1. The tap water in my country seems very good. Do I still need to filter water?

We believe in making good water great. That’s why our water filters remove much more than your local water company does. This includes removing more microplastics, heavy metals and bacteria, and improving the taste and smell by removing chlorine and sediments. In this article you can learn more about the importance of a water filter.

2. I run a restaurant and would like to serve PURE WATER, but I’m worried it’s more expensive than bottled water. How can I make sure my water costs don’t increase?

Our PUREdining customers sell PURE WATER to their restaurant guests. They sell still and sparkling filtered water by the bottle, and they increase their margins as the purchase cost per bottle is lower than the price of a bottle of transported water.

In addition, the handling costs are reduced due to zero, they save storage space, as they don’t need to store transported, bottled water anymore, and they save themselves time ordering and returning bottles. This gives your team more time to focus on what’s actually important.

3. How long does it actually take to have a water installation installed?

Installation our water systems varies greatly depending on the complexity of the water installation. If you’re running a small office or small restaurant, it will take between three hours and a day. If you’d like to have a full PURElink installation, we need more time depending on the number of floors and PUREpoints.

4. What is the right water solution for my office: PURElink or PUREone?

Our team can help you select the right water system for your needs. If you’re working at a large office building with the need for multiple PUREpoints, PURElink is usually the best option. If you’re looking for a solution for a small office, PUREone is often better.

5. Do you have different water dispensers for different offices and restaurants?

We have two types of water dispensers: PUREslim and PUREtouch. PUREslim serves you chilled still and sparkling water, whereas PUREtouch can serve hot water in addition and comes with a touch screen.

Our PUREpoints are available in five different colours and two different sizes, so there’s always an option that matches your interior.

We also have different water filters for different needs, including filters to help remove scale. You can find three different PUREfilters here.

For more questions and answers, head over to our FAQ page.

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