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PURE WATER x Jinjuu soho - filtered water served in a restaurant

Jinjuu joined the #purefuture with a clear intention: to reduce waste, and save time and manpower through offering PURE WATER to their guests, instead of transported, bottled water. What they also quickly found out, was that their margins immediately increased when they started serving filtered water. In this location story you’ll get to know Jinjuu Soho better, and you’ll learn how they now make £150 more per week, thanks to PURE WATER.

Located in the heart of Soho, Jinjuu is one of London’s finest Korean restaurants, offering both a casual dining option on the ground floor, as well as a sophisticated experience on their second floor with an open kitchen. The restaurant, which was co-founded by US celebrity chef Judy Joo, is committed to reducing waste, and therefore they love the reusable PUREbottles and glasses.  

Phil, bar manager at Jinjuu, adds: “We also chose PURE WATER to not have pallets of water delivered every week, as this saves the team a lot of time and manpower.” Last but not least, Jinjuu experienced an increase in their water margins from the first day they started serving filtered water. “Our water sales are the same, but the margins are much higher. We make around £150 per week more with PURE WATER than we did when we were selling bottled water”, explains Phil.

The guests at Jinjuu love their purified still and sparkling water and the process of getting Jinjuu’s PUREpoint installed was very straightforward. Phil “Account manager Davide helped a lot in advising on installations and the logistics of set up. We didn’t really have to do much ourselves!”

We love it when restaurants are so committed to reducing waste and improving the efficiency of their team. As an added bonus, they increase their margins from the moment they introduce PURE WATER to their guests. Jinjuu is a great example of a restaurant on a true #purefuture journey. Be sure to visit them when you’re in Soho! 

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