Meet the PUREteam – Paul Emanuel, Brand Account Manager

Paul Emanuel pure water account manager

Today, we’re introducing a new category to the PUREblog: Meet The Team. We’ll show you the faces behind your filtered water in every part of our organisation. We kick off with Paul Emanuel, Brand Account Manager in our UK office. We’ll ask him about his role in the #purefuture, his experience and – of course – how he drinks his water.

Hi Paul! Can you please tell us what you do at PURE WATER?

“I’m one of the Brand Account Managers at PURE WATER looking after Education and HORECA, mainly in London, the Home Counties and the north of the UK.”

What did you do before PURE WATER?

“I have 20+ years’ experience working in the Food & Beverage industry. I was a  Beverage & then Food & Beverage Manager with 12 years working internationally on cruise lines. However, directly before I started at PURE WATER, I was working for Carlsberg UK for the technical team where I helped develop Carlsberg’s new strategy promoting unique dispense equipment which improved the quality of their beer brands, and helped customers reduce their costs and environmental impact.”

What’s your favourite part of working on the #purefuture?

“In my previous job with Carlsberg I started working on sustainability and now at PURE it’s really exciting to be part of a company with their entire ethos based on helping companies to reduce their environmental impact. It’s great to go to work and I feel this is more than just a job!”

Where can we find you on a day off? 

“While the weather is cold, you’ll find me with my wife and son cooking up delicious food, often from Peru which is my wife’s native country. As soon as the weather gets better, I’m out on my bike making the best of the British countryside. (Probably looking for a new pub to eat & drink!)”

How do you drink your water? 

“I love it ice cold, but without ice, or sparkling with a squeeze of fresh lime. Every evening, my favourite drink is fresh mint tea which grows in my garden.”

Would you like to get in touch with Paul? Head over to our contact page.

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