What are the benefits of filtered water?

Benefits of filtered water

The benefits of filtered water go far beyond simply having a refreshing drink at hand to quench the thirst. In this article, we look at the benefits for the body and the environment, and we’ll explain why filtered water is a better option than bottled water.

Health benefits of filtered water 

We’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking water, but did you know the type of water matters too? By using a water filter you can turn good tap water into great quality water that is better for your health. Our custom-built PUREfilter has a 0.2 micron membrane that filters out a great amount of microplastics, viruses and bacteria, and the carbon insert of the filter absorbs asbestos, heavy metals (such as copper, iron, lead and aluminum), chlorine and sediments. 

This water purification process isn’t only important for cold still and sparkling water, but also for hot water. This water should go through the same filtering process to provide you with the highest quality filtered water. Boiling water alone is not enough: it needs the same filtering process as cold water.

Filtered water is better for the environment

Instead of using damaging, transported bottles, we filter water from the source and secure the highest quality with our PUREfilter. This means we help offices, restaurants, hotels and cafes actively step away from bottled, transported water to put as little pressure on the environment as possible. Also, our PUREfilter is 100% recyclable, making it the natural choice.

Filtered water tastes better

The final benefit of filtered water is all about the taste. One of the first things we always hear from our new customers is that they had no idea that tap water could taste so good. When we filter water through our PUREfilter, we not only remove microplastics, viruses and bacteria, asbestos, and heavy metals to make the water cleaner and healthier: the water filter also removes chlorine and sediments, and this gives your water a much better taste. So by filtering water, you don’t just improve the quality of your drinking water, but also the taste! 

The benefits of having a water filter system

To get access to filtered water, all you need is a water filtering system like our PUREone and PURElink. Once that is installed, you never have to worry about ordering bottled water anymore, you never have to store water bottles, and there’s no need to return bottles for recycling anymore. Filtered water is always available, at the right temperature.

Do you want to learn more? Here’s an article about why we filter water

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