Going travelling? Drink water. Here’s why.

Travelling is interesting and joyful. Meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and experiencing new scents and taste are enlightening to our soul and mind. Yet, travel can sometimes be stressful, jet lag can be tiring and the heat can make you feel dehydrated. Today we explain how water helps with jetlag, keeps you slim and lowers your stress levels, and more. Happy travels!

It’s refreshing and hydrating

Are you visiting a warm country? The best way to cool our bodies down and replace the fluids that we lost from sweating or travelling on planes is to simply drink lots of water. Fill a glass bottle with water and put it in the fridge if you like your water extra cold, or simply add a few ice cubes to your glass.

It helps with jet lag

Are you travelling across time zones or will you spend lots of time on the plane? Be sure to not only drink lots of water on the plane but also after you’ve arrived. Hydrating your body before getting a good night’s sleep is the best you can do to beat the jet lag.

It keeps you slim

Lots of people worry about gaining weight during the summer holidays. Fortunately, water has zero calories, so you can drink lots of it without gaining a single pound. But it’s not just that: water also helps flush toxins from your body, so you can even lose weight this summer.

It helps lowering stress levels

The summer holidays are a great time of year to de-stress and relax, but travel preparations and travelling itself can be quite stressful. Did you know you can lower those stress levels again by drinking water? Be sure to drink water so you can actually enjoy a stress-free holiday.

It’s for the whole family

Going on a road trip or a long hike? Planning a day on the beach? Hanging out in a city park? Water is the perfect drink for the whole family. Get your kids their own water bottle and be sure to bring your own favourite water bottle for yourself, too.

It won’t break the bank

Travelling can be expensive, so why not try to save some money when you’re on the road? Water is simply the most affordable drink. If you’re lucky enough to celebrate the summer in a country where the tap water is safe, then it won’t cost you anything to drink water. Even if you have to buy transported water, it’s still a lot cheaper than soft drinks.

It’s good for the environment

We at PURE like to be mindful of the environment when we travel. That’s why we encourage you to choose an environmentally friendly drink, too. Did you know that it takes about 150 litres of water to produce one pint of beer and 200 litres to produce the beans for one cup of coffee? Choosing water is definitely a better option – especially if you avoid transported water and bring your own water bottle. If you stay at a hotel where they serve PURE WATER, you can always fill up your bottle before you head out to explore your destination.

We at PURE WATER wish you all a great summer. Stay tuned and stay hydrated!

PURE summer holidays
Have a PURE summer!

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