Why do we filter water?

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We are very fortunate: we have access to good, clean drinking water – straight from the tap here in Norway, the UK, Sweden and Denmark. Still, we at PURE WATER truly believe that filtering water is necessary. Today we explain why we filter water.

Let us first take you through how your drinking water reaches your tap. It all starts with rain. The rainfall goes into the water reservoirs that are designed for storing large quantities of water and goes through local water treatment. During this process, different contaminants are being removed from the water, and in some places, chemical substances are being added, such as chlorine. Once the water is safe for drinking per local regulation, it enters the pipes that go all the way to your water tap. 

Main water treatment process.  Rainfall goes into reservoirs and then processed by local water treatment. When the water is up to local water standard, it is sent to your tap.

Why we believe in purified water

We believe the water that comes out of our tap in the Nordics and the United Kingdom is good. That means it’s safe for drinking, and the taste is often fine.

However, we think good water isn’t good enough, and we at PURE WATER are here to make good water great. Our ambition is to deliver the highest quality drinking water at home, and offices, as well as restaurants, cafes and hotels, and that is why we have to filter water. Why? You wonder?

Although the water from your tap is safe for drinking, independent water testing shows that the quality of the water varies immensely in different areas in the same country and that the water that comes out of your tap might still contain microplastics and micro-organisms and bacteria, as well as asbestos, heavy metals and chlorine. 

With the PUREfilter water filters, we take water filtration to the next level.  PUREfilter not only improves the quality of your drinking water but also makes it taste and smell better.   The PUREfilters have a finer dual filtration system that consists of a 0.2-micron membrane and an advanced carbon matrix block. The 0.2-micron membrane filters out a significant amount of microplastics and micro-organisms, and the advanced carbon matrix block absorbs asbestos, heavy metals, chlorine and sediments.This gives you access to the highest quality purified water that tastes incredibly good – straight from your nearest source.

A note on transported, bottled water

Many people choose transported, bottled water as an alternative for tap water. Although the quality of transported water is acceptable, it does come with a variety of downsides. 

First of all, there’s a lot of plastic and resources involved in the production of bottles. After that, these bottles need to be transported to the water source, filled with water, wrapped in plastics, and distributed to the endpoints, such as shops and restaurants.  Then they have to be picked up by consumers. Finally, we shouldn’t forget the problems caused by bottles that end up in our environment as only a minimal amount of them get recycled. In this article, you’ll find more about why we think we should all choose purified water over bottled water.

Exciting news: We’re now launching new PURE WATER filters: we call them PUREfilter

We are passionate about water and are continuously working on raising the bar for ourselves so that we can offer our customers the highest quality water.  We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes on developing a new standard of PUREfilter water filters that we’re launching now. These new PUREfilters give you the highest quality water, but we didn’t stop there: we also made the PUREfilters 100% recyclable! 

Are you interest in learning more about the PUREfilter? Check out the detail information on our website.

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